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Okay, I may sound like a credit counselor, but the money for your gambling vacation should come from your entertainment budget. In other words, don’t cash in a savings bond, dip into the kids’ college funds, or take out a new credit card to bankroll the trip. And by all means, don’t budget with money you plan on winning during the trip! Determining your daily limits After you figure out your budget for your gambling adventure (whether a five- day trip to Vegas or just a quick jaunt to a riverboat casino), you need to break down that budget into how much you can spend each day

Take your deter- mined trip bankroll, and then divide that amount by the number of days you’re going to be in the casino. For example, say you set aside $1,200 for gambling on your three-day getaway weekend. You have $400 to play with each day, sepa- rate from the money you budget to feed, house, and entertain yourself.

From day to day at the casino, you’re either up or down. For example, on Friday, the first day of your three-day venture, you enter the casino with four crisp $100 bills in your pocket and finish the day with $600 for a $200 win. Congratulations! But how does your success affect your game plan? It doesn’t. The next day, you should stick to your budget and still only gamble with $400. However, Saturday is a disaster and you lose every last penny of the $400 budgeted for that day. The carnage continues on Sunday, and once again you burn through $400. But because you stuck to your budget, you return home with $600 of your original $1,200 bankroll, which is a lot more money than less-disciplined gamblers (who never had a starting plan or failed to follow it) have at the end of their trip.



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