The challenge of computational biology and the emerging bio-manufacturing area is not only process integration, but also the ability of one system to communicate transparently with the other, ie interoperability between data, programs and equipment necessary for the construction of an organ. It is necessary to create new multidisciplinary forms of mining, organization, classification, analysis and adequate data sharing, aiming at the expansion of advanced knowledge consistent with reality.

  Data mining is a process of pattern discovery generally applied to large datasets. "Comic" data - data from the genome, transcriptome, miRnoma, proteome, metabolome, toponoma, among others (omics data), present complex interactions difficult to analyze, and the use of artificial intelligence are opportune.

Omic science is concerned with the global analysis of biological systems, integrating different areas of knowledge, such as biochemistry, genetics, physiology, and computation, in order to isolate and characterize genes, proteins and metabolites, as well as to study the interactions between them, based on experimental techniques, software, and databases.

Systemic Biology in Biofabrication of Organs

January 01, 2020

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